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December 5, 2016 by Hissho News 0 Comments

World Bank Now Has Hissho Sushi

Hissho Sushi recently opened World Bank in Washington, DC to raves from customers young and old.  The lines were really long, but our Chefs were ready!  During the first 2 days alone, orders for 45 platters came in!  This just indicates how popular the Hissho items were, and how beautiful the presentations were.  “Hats off” to our Opening Team and congratulations on a great job done by all.
With the holidays looming and parties scheduled for almost every day, we hope you’ll consider a few of Hissho’s party platters for your table as well.  What a great way to impress and also please the palates of your guests.
Shown here is a platter made for the World Bank Opening!  You can also customize your own platters by arranging with your Chef ahead of time!  Enjoy these coming weeks with all the excitement of what the holidays bring……..

August 3, 2016 by Hissho News 0 Comments

Knife Skills

One of the most important skills for any chef is to have excellent knife skills. This is especially true at Hissho for our sushi and Pan-Asian hot bar chefs. To see them at work in our kitchens is mesmerizing and entertaining. Remember when you were a child and first were allowed to use a knife? How awkward and uncomfortable it seemed in your hand as you tried to make it do what you wanted it to do.
These are skills are honed over a lifetime, and the ones that get it are awesome. Our Hissho chefs would put many to shame as their fingers fly so quickly you can hardly see them. And what they produce is a wonder. The Asian chefs who are also artistic are able to create so much beauty from simple fruits and vegetables.
A chef friend sent Hissho a Facebook post that we found fascinating, and we would like to share it with you. It’s a Japanese chef preparing traditional items with as much austerity as anyone I’ve seen. Hope you’ll enjoy as much as we did.