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July 13, 2016 by Hissho News 0 Comments

Wearing Hissho’s Core Value T-Shirts With Pride

Our Regional Supervisor in the Alabama and Georgia area is staying really busy visiting sushi bars to make sure everything is in order. This is a task that is on-going as it not only insures everything is in compliance, but it gives the chefs a lift to know that someone cares enough to visit them individually, and it helps with the relationship building. Kudos to all of Hissho’s Supervisors across the Country for the great job they continue to do every day. Thank you!
Recently a request was made for some of Hissho’s Core Value T-shirts with a promise that photos would be taken to share with our readership. They were proud to oblige as seen in the following photos. The first 4 are all Sprouts markets which have the Oumi Sushi brand exclusive to Sprouts. Thank you to all of Hissho’s Chefs across the Country as they provide fresh sushi made daily for our customers.
Sprouts #480 in Birmingham, AL
Sprouts #482 in Birmingham, AL
Sprouts #483 in Birmingham, AL
Sprouts #524 in Peachtree City, GA
Western Market 7 in Birmingham, AL