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3.17.16 | St. Patrick's Day!

Today is St. Patrick’s Day all over the world, and we at Hissho wish you the Blessings of the Irish to carry you through your day. With the 1st quarter coming close to an end, and daylight’s savings time is a few days under our belt, we look around and see God’s glorious beauty everywhere. Nowhere is it more beautiful than Charlotte, NC. I “know” this city is magical, otherwise how could everything seem to bloom at the same time for weeks on end. Some breeze through the day, others stare at what is ahead of them in a blur. But nobody can be immune to the beauty that surrounds us during this season of “rebirth.”
The Canadian geese are back, our resident Blue Heron can be seen stalking the fish in our retaining pond, the birds are singing, and there is lightness in our step that comes with the territory. All around Hissho, the air is abuzz with new store openings, the training of new hires is on-going, and our kitchens humming. The food being “put out” is amazing, the air of confidence exuded by our chefs is akin to puffery, and the extra pounds put on after indulging so many hot bar lines, or cases piled with freshly made sushi, give new meaning to the pause of “everything in moderation.”
But as for moderation, the beauty that surrounds Hissho is anything but. The flowering trees and shrubbery literally will take your breath away. We are so blessed, and we realize it, and each day is like opening a new gift. We are not selfish, so are sharing our gifts with you. Happy Spring everyone, and hope the beauty that is around you is not missed as you go about your daily routine.
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