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TV Crew Films at Hissho Sushi

This week we had some exciting visitors at Hissho.  I wish we could share the great news, but are “sworn to secrecy” until the right time.  However, I can tell you that things were hopping around Hissho’s Corporate Kitchen when a team of four showed up in their huge Mercedes van all the way from Canada to film us for a popular TV show.  The focus was on Hissho’s delicious food items, with one of our senior team members sharing some of the things that have made us so successful.  When the crew was finally able to take a break, they enjoyed our delicious sushi for lunch.
Our Corporate Chef and Assistant plied the tools needed to accommodate the requirements of an all day filming.  What an exciting process to see as memory card after memory card was filled with “great footage.”   This will all be edited down into a fascinating fast-paced clip that you will not want to miss.  We can’t share the name of the show, or the air dates yet, but as soon as we can, we will let everyone know.  It will be well worth the wait, so stay tuned to our Hissho Blog for upcoming news as it becomes available.

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Sushi & Sake Event Hissho Sushi HQ

If you’re in the Charlotte, NC area, please come and support our Hissho Foundation in exchange for a delicious meal of our own sushi. Sake, beer or wine will also be offered as part of this “deal.” It’s a great time to get a group of friends together and make a night of it at Hissho Sushi HQ.
11949 Steele Creek Road, Charlotte, NC 28273
Sushi & Sake

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Hissho Dives Into Core Value #5: Compassionate & Humble

Hissho’s Core Values team rallied the “troops” at HQ to bring in donations for an orphanage. The list was long, and included items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, diapers, feminine napkins, baby wipe, cleaning wipes, shaving cream, bubble bath and anything else kids might need. The orphanage itself requested household items like dish and laundry detergent, household cleaners, extra-large trash bags, light bulbs and shower liners.
Most households have these staples on hand, but it may take a month or more to use up a container. But in a busy orphanage with 19 residents, plus staff, these supplies go really fast. With concern for the residents themselves, Hissho requested a “wish” list from each child. You’d expect something to come back like a “letter to Santa” list with multiple items on it. We were so surprised to see that each child only listed 1 item with an addendum from the staff for beach towels, swim shoes, and sun screen. You see, they have a beach trip planned for next week and nobody really had what was needed.
Through the heart and generosity of Hissho, the wish list was fulfilled. The bags are packed along with two large boxes of items, and our team heads out Thursday to deliver the “goodies.” We can’t wait to see their faces and hear the squeals of excitement as we deliver the Orange Bags.
Having a bit of fun while packing the bags!

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02.20.15 | Happy New Year

How lucky are we to kick off our blog with a recap of our festive Chinese New Year celebration?!
Eager faces gathered Thursday afternoon at Hissho HQ to kick off the Lunar New Year celebrations. Hisshonians, one by one, received traditional red envelopes for good fortune in the new year.

Traditionally, red envelopes are passed out during the New Year celebrations and almost always contain money – the amount of which should be of even numbers!
Then, with accompanying loud drums and cymbals, a dragon weaved its way in and out of the crowd. Hisshonians placed more red envelopes into the Dragon’s mouth to bring on a little more good luck for the new year!


The Dragon (and Lion!) dances are very common during Chinese New Year celebrations. Some believe the loud drums and cymbals combined with the frightening faces of the dancing Dragon or Lion can push bad or evil spirits away. Some more elaborate dragons can employ dozens and dozens of performers!
After the dragon went back to his lair, we played a Chinese New Year-themed game of “backwards charades.” For this, we split into four teams and each team designated one representative who would attempt to guess which Chinese Zodiac animal their team was trying to act out in “charades.” As you would expect, this resulted in lots of laughter, random animal answers and more craziness.
After the laughter subsided and a winning team was declared, we all enjoyed a wide array of sweet desserts, smoothies and fresh coffee to finish ringing in a sweet new year! It was a fun afternoon filled with laughter, good fortune and smiles!
Did you celebrate Chinese New Year? Tell us what you did for your celebrations!