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Achieve the Impossible

Core Value 11
There is always a way. Go out and find it. We’re not interested in settling, conforming or worse – surrendering and giving up. You’re sometimes asked and expected to perform the impossible. When you begin to think something is impossible cry out “Hissho!”, and envision Certain Victory and achieve the impossible! That is what you are capable of. You are a Hisshonian! Achieve the Impossible!

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Generate Fun

Core Value 8
As Hisshonians, we Work Hard and Play Hard afterwards, but while we are working, it can no doubt be stressful. We’re also here at work more than we are often at home. We want you to enjoy your work. Don’t get bogged down in the stress. Look for ways to generate and have fun throughout the day. Not only will you find the stress melting away and the day flying by because you’re having so much fun, but you will also find that with the stress relieved and your new free spirit soaring high, fresh and exciting ideas will spring forward. Generate fun! You’ll soon find yourself even more creative and dynamic.

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Self Control & Respect

Core Value 7
Hisshonians must first respect themselves before they can respect others.  When you are trustworthy, show integrity, and have a sense of awareness, you will gain respect.  Respect must be earned over time and but also understand it only takes an instant to tarnish one’s reputation. Work hard, walk the high road and avoid the shortcuts. You will respect yourself for doing so and so will others. Likewise, your fellow Hisshonians are also working hard and walking that high road. Be sure to treat them with the same respect they too have earned.

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Simple Hip & Chic

Core Value 10
You won’t hear the words “normal” or “customary” here at Hissho, and you won’t see us following the crowd either. We’ve always been different here at Hissho Sushi and we never settle. Hip and Chic is our way and that’s reflected in all that we do. From our rolls, to our retail products to our office and even our library, Hisshonians live and embrace the Hip and Chic culture.

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Create Synergy

Core Value 9
Success does not come from just one person, but is the collaborative effort of a team.  Hisshonians will work together to create synergy.  It actually multiplies the success rate beyond what people working separately could accomplish on their own.

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Great Hissho Service High-Speed & High Touch

Core Value 1
At the center of our core is swift and impeccable service. We know that it is not enough just to have the best products on the market. We must also provide the very best service to one and all. From the consumer to our business partners to our vendors – service comes first in so many ways. We are driven by service and through that exceptional service of meeting and exceeding all expectations of us, we will continue to thrive and grow.

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Inspire & Be Inspired

Core Value 2
When you wake up in the morning, think to yourself, “Today, I want to go out and make a difference in the world.” Sometimes, that means just making a difference to those around us and sometimes those who may be far away and never known to us. But it does not matter. What matters is that you wake up wanting to make a difference. As Hisshonians, that same attitude spills over at our workplace, because this is who we are and what we do. Your vibrant energy will become contagious and enrich so many and with each growing day you will see the fruits of your labor in those around you as they too will be inspired by your own inspiration.

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Empower Hisshonians for Innovation & Change

Core Value 3
By providing the tools, training and most importantly, the freedom to act independently, Hisshonians are empowered and primed to reach new heights and goals. The resources needed to succeed are at each of our fingertips.

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Compassionate & Humble

Core Value 5
Hisshonians cannot do it alone, so when we grow, we celebrate as a team.  Being humble means remembering ‘where you came from’ even when you’re successful.  Arrogance isn’t attractive and makes others uncomfortable.  Be grateful for what you have, and always try to have an understanding of others misfortunes by showing compassion.

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Open & Honest Communication

Core Value 4
Hisshonians will communicate honestly and truthfully because we believe in transparency.  This brings a higher level of trust.  The delivery of honest communication should be done with thoughtfulness, consideration, and sensitivity.  Knowing the truth can help others to better evaluate, and make needed changes accordingly.  As Hisshonians, we welcome constructive criticism because it comes from the heart of another well intending Hisshonian and they have taken their time to share it with us for the purpose of making you and us all better and stronger. Open. Honest. Transparent.